Online Lean-to Conservatory Costs

Online Lean-to Conservatory Costs

Lower the cost of double glazed conservatories

There are a couple of ways to think about if you are on a limited budget and your main concern is to get a guide for the lowest Lean to Conservatories prices that you can.

how much does a modern conservatory cost? 

One is by bargaining, which is always a good idea, but the other way may have to be that you compromise on one or more aspects of the structural & visual features. Some installers charge for sections of windows that open, because windows that open need extra work to create and require hinges, locks separate glazed units etc.

So if you keep the number of opening sections in your conservatory to a minimum you are less likely to incur extra costs.  You should avoid fancy handles, leaded glass, specialised gas filled double glazed units and take a bit of time to think “Is this feature really necessary?”

Another possible way to reduce the cost of your lean-to conservatory is to opt for a poly-carbonate panel roof instead of glass – it’s much lighter & cheaper with the added benefit of the lightweight meaning that the structure supporting the roof can use slimmer frames which could also reduce costs.

The biggest thing to remember is to always ask for a better price, the cost of double glazed conservatories is virtually always negotiable.

UK planning permission for Conservatories: Conservatories – permitted developments

If you are thinking of installing a new conservatory, you may be so interested in finding the lowest cost conservatory at outset that you may not consider whether the new room may need to have prior planning permission from your local authority

There are some ‘headline’ guides that can give you an excellent indication as to whether your Conservatory or Orangery may need to have planning permission and these are the main points:

Planning Permission may not be required for your conservatory if:
  • It is only for domestic use.
  • It’s built at ground level & is single story
  • The total floor area of the room is 30 square Mtr or less.
  • There is not a sleeping area.
  • Doesn’t interfere, or affect, existing drainage.
  • The doors between Conservatory & existing building are external door quality.

Please remember that this is not the full set of guidance and local planning requirements in your area are the ones that will apply. Always check with your local council before commencing any work and for more detailed general information you can visit the UK planning portal.

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