How to Decorate Your Orangery Sunroom?

How to Decorate Your Orangery Sunroom?

It is not quite easy to decorate your orangery as it can spoil its beauty when not done properly.

The decor, color scheme, furniture and window styling are some vital factors which affect the overall look and atmosphere exuded by the room. Therefore, they require personal and careful attention from you. However, it is important that you bear in mind the style of construction when decorating orangery’s.

How to Decorate Your Orangery Sunroom?It is possible to construct a orangery in any popular style such as straight, curved, conservatory and cathedral. However, if the orangery has wooden interior it must ideally be decorated with rattan and wicker furniture items which can provide a natural and earthly feel to the interior. These types of furniture items are made of natural plant fiber and are stained in different colors and so with careful selection you can easily match the decor of your orangery and add to its beauty and appeal.

When you think of wooden decorating theme with the help of vintage tables and matching cushions you can as well add some items of mosaic like bird teacups, flower vases, miniature fountains, cans, racks to place other decorative items, colorful and bright rugs or carpets and also some natural or artificial flowers. Some other items which can be included are padded cubes which are covered with plain or patterned fabrics in bright/light colors to match the orangery color scheme.

The walls of your orangery could be decorated using pre-designed wallpapers. There is a vast range in wall covers available in fascinating shades of white, gold, wood, blue, crème and a variety of other colors and so you can choose the best possible match for your orangery.

You should know that a orangery is designed to serve varied purposes as they are extensions of your living space in the house. Therefore, if you have added a orangery to use it as a dormer or attic room then some decorating ideas would consist of placing colorful rugs, exercise equipment, music system, flowerpots and wall hangings of bright colors.

However, if you intend using it as a bathroom that offers you a feeling of spa then you can use a tub at one side the glass and place warm carpets with potted plants around its edge along with some aromatic candles at desired locations. You can even arrange closed shelves and racks to store your bath items.

There are several other ideas to in decorating orangery’s but they should be chosen according to your purpose of using the room and the construction of the orangery.

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