Coloured Double Glazed UPVC Windows

Coloured Double Glazed UPVC Windows

Double Glazing Prices

double glazingFor some homeowners, there are reasons for not wanting to stick to white when it comes to double glazed uPVC Windows, it could be personal or aesthetic (in order to fit in with the area where you live)

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For example, kolourseal offer over 200 shades to choose from, but in the main, most people stick within about a dozen or so colours. Unlike when uPVC coloured windows were first introduced, the latest examples offer finishes which are bonded into the frames at the end of the manufacturing process, thereby ensuring a long lasting effect which resits peeling, fading & cracking.

Wood grain surfaces are also an option and give the windows an almost ‘real’ look and feel of wood, almost impossible to tell the difference from a distance